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Somatic Coaching

What is it that you truly want in your life--what is that fulfills, enlivens, and sustains you? What wants to come to life through you? And what actions are you taking to bring that about?


These are the questions that guide my flavor of somatic coaching, a methodology that holds the self as a unified field of body, mind, and spirit. In a culture that is heavily focused on psychology and where spirituality can often become ungrounded, somatics offers tools that utilize the intelligence of the body to bring about sustainable change. Somatics is also a powerful tool for healing both personal and collective trauma, which can live on in the body long after the traumatic event has passed. 


How does

it work?

In our somatic coaching session, we will align on what's important to you, feeling into the sensations of the body and using that wisdom as a guide. We'll engage in a range of bodily practices that both reveal our current habits, as well as offer the opportunity to practice taking new actions under our same old pressures. Many of these practices you can take with you into your daily life, and over time will serve as the vehicle for your self-transformation.


Somatic coaching works at the various levels of our complex lives--personal, professional, familial, historical, social, and spiritual, to name but a few. These distinct parts of our lives are unified in us, and often a shift in one part of our life has significant impact on the others. In our sessions we will lean into this complexity, engaging with your complete human being.

Somatic Bodywork

By working with the body, we can address deep-rooted habits, conditioning, and traumas that may evade modalities that rely solely on psychological remedies. Somatic bodywork gives us the opportunity to get to know how we have been shaped by our life experiences, how our bodily reactions to these experiences have both supported and limited us, and elicit the felt sense of different ways of being in the world. Somatic bodywork sessions begin with aligning your intention for the session. Then, laying down and engaging the body through various pressure points, breath patterns, and movements, we can release long-held contractions and explore new ways of moving through the world.


Somatic bodywork can be woven into somatic coaching, or stand alone as its own modality.

Nothing to book at the moment

Working with you as a somatic coach/bodyworker, I commit to:


  • Meeting you wherever you are on your journey, and supporting you in the change you want to bring to your life

  • Offering you the ability to bring yourself more fully alive through deepening into the felt senses of the body

  • Providing somatic practices that you can take into your daily life to bring about deeper presence, wisdom, and tools for transformation

  • Honoring and working with your experience of the world, and how this may be shaped by personal identity and relation to larger systems

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