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For Groups

Group  Coaching

Groups take on their own dynamics that go beyond any one individual. At times it becomes necessary to address these dynamics in order for groups and teams to transform to meet life's challenges.

Somatic coaching in groups deepens relationship while creating a space where everyone can bring their fullest selves. Through somatic practices, long-held group dynamics that are asking for change can be revealed, honored, and transformed.

Book your free consultation to learn more about how somatic coaching can serve your group or team.

Shamanic Ceremony

Shamanic work has been done in community since time immemorial. To be human is to be inherently connected to one another, and through shamanic ceremonies group can heal and transform collective traumas, serving all those involved.

Group shamanic work opens the possibility of meeting each other on levels where we often do not connect in day-to-day living. When our souls speak directly to one another, relationships deepen and connections we never knew we had are reaveled. 

Book your free consultation to find out more about group shamanic ceremonies, and how it might serve you.

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