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About Tyler Grillo

These interests started me down the path of transformation, exploring how to direct change in my own life and also support others on their transformational journeys. In a world that is ever changing and shaping us, I've become increasingly interested in not only how to weather the constant change in our lives, but how to participate in the change process itself, becoming co-creators of our lives. Through my explorations, two powerful change modalities resonated with me: somatics and shamanism. 

"Somatics" derives from the Greek word "soma," which refers to the unified mind, body, and spirit. In somatics, we use physical practices to move ideas and concepts into the bodily tissues--that is, taking the changes we want to make and embodying them. "Shamanism," the word deriving from the Siberian word for their indigenous healers, is inherently somatic. Shamanic traditions ask us to feel into the various levels of the self, specifically the subtle and spiritual layers, to direct our transformation in tandem with the world we are inseparable from. These two modalities of somatics and shamanism are powerful in their own right, and also support each other as transformational tools.

My passion for transformational work continues to widen and deepen. In my commitment to social and environmental justice, I've found that both somatic and shamanic work are incredibly adept at healing trauma caused by individual and systemic oppression, as well as addressing the ways privilege and power live within us. I've also been drawn to growing food, as what we eat has a profound impact on all our layers of self. 

I'm grateful to my teachers and learning communities to be able to bring this transformational work to you, supporting your own change with tools to co-create your life. In our work together, we'll continually explore what is coming to life in you, and how to work with the challenges of the world to bring that self to fruition. I very much look forward to working with you.

  • Certified Somatic Coach through Strozzi Institute

  • Trained Somatic Bodyworker through Strozzi Institute

  • Initiate of the Tamang Bombo (shamanic) tradition, Nepal

From a young age, I've been fascinated by people, our stories, and how we grow. My family talks about how when they used to read to me, they were surprised by my attention span and focus at such a young age--but I was simply fascinated by the stories. As I grew older, I loved to listen to adult conversations and try to figure out what in the world they were going on about. And as I myself continued to grow and change, I became ever more interested in how that change process works--and when we don't change despite our best efforts, what is getting in the way.

My Approach and Background
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