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Local Food

We live in a process of constant exchange with our physical environment and are ultimately inseparable from it. The landscape we inhabit has profound impact on us, and the more we cultivate our relationship with it the more grounded we become in ourselves. One way to cultivate our relationship with our environment is through the food we eat to sustain us.



Within each seed lies the potential for the plant, and by combing this potential with the nutrients, water, and sun energy the plant's potential is realized in its leaf, flower, and fruit. By growing our own food not only are we able to eat what comes directly from where we live, but we also deepen our understanding of the mysterious process through which our own potentials are nurtured, pruned, and come to fruition. 


I offer consultations (house-call and otherwise) to help you identify how you can engage with the land by growing your own food. Whether you just have window boxes for a small herb garden or are interested in starting your own urban farm, we'll explore the foods you love that you could grow yourself and how to best utilize the space and resources you have.


Eating locally sourced food is not only environmentally sustainable, but also further brings us into communion with our landscape. The food that we eat is the building blocks of our physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.


I offer a variety of produce grown on my urban farm. Depending on the season these include tomatoes, beans, squash, eggplant, cucumber, artichoke, lettuces, herbs, etc. Preserving food is a way to continue to eat locally in the cooler months, so I also offer an assortment of jams and pickles.



The process of open fermentation is, at its core, a form of alchemy. Creating an environment where bacteria that support our gut biomes can thrive, we continue to deepen our interaction with our surroundings. A common food that uses open fermentation is sauerkraut, but a similar fermentation process can be used with many other vegetables. When the helpful bacteria that become part of the food is eaten it adds to the biodiversity of our own digestive system, which not only aids digestion but also attunes our internal systems with our external environment.


Foods that utilize open fermentation are also part of my food offerings, and depending on your needs we can create our own fermented foods to best support you.


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