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Whole Heartwood

Somatic Coaching and Shamanic Transformation

Somatic Coaching

What is it that you truly want in your life--what is it that fulfills, enlivens, and sustains you? What wants to come to life through you? And what actions are you taking to bring that about?


These are the questions that guide my flavor of somatic coaching, a methodology that holds the self as a unified field of body, mind, and spirit. In a culture that is heavily focused on psychology and where spirituality can often become ungrounded, somatics offers tools that utilize the intelligence of the body to bring about sustainable change. 

Shamanic Transformation

How are your energetic movements and processes impacting your life? What parts of yourself have you hidden or left behind, that are longing to be integrated? What unseen forces are calling to you, and how can they support you on your journey?


Shamanic traditions, which exist globally, move through the realms of these questions. While there are unique distinctions in each particular tradition, shamanism shares a seeing of all things as alive and interconnected, emphasizing forms of healing and transformation that engage the entire human being.

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Nothing to book at the moment

Social Lens

In all my offerings, I bring a social lens developed through the work I have done around privilege, systemic oppression, and equity for over a decade. I ground my perspective in knowing that as cis, able bodied white man I have a particular location in our society that shapes how I move through the world--including how I work with others. I am committed to the life-long path of undoing and transforming toxic masculinity, white supremacy, and other forms of oppression, both in myself and my communities. I also commit to meeting you wherever you are on your journey of developing your own social consciousness, and getting to know how your various intersections of identity shape your life and your path of transformation.

Towards A Healthy White Male Identity

For those of us who benefit from white and male privilege and are committed to social change, simply learning about our privileges is often not enough to transform the deeper ways we have been shaped by our gender and race. As the legacies of racism and misogyny over many generations impact us so significantly, it is necessary to work at the level of the body to heal our lineages and shift ingrained behaviors that perpetuate oppression.

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